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Tiffany Haddish splurged on oxygen chamber

Tiffany Haddish bought herself an oxygen chamber.

The ‘Girls Trip’ actress decided to make a “huge splurge” on a hypobaric chamber – which has higher air pressure than normal so the user can breathe in more pure oxygen than normal – after hearing LeBron James advocate their use because she thought it would make her a better performer.

She told People’s Every Day’ podcast: “Now, just recently in 2020, I bought a hypobaric chamber. That was a huge splurge.

“That was a down payment on a little house in Texas. That’s because I saw LeBron James, and he said he be in hypobaric chambers.

“I said, ‘Well, if he is performing at his best coming out of a hypobaric chamber, I need to be getting a hypobaric chamber, too, so I can perform at my best.’ ”

The 41-year-old star admitted she has been “splurging a lot lately” but recalled how her first big purchase was on a microscope because of her interest in science.

She said: “The first thing I splurged on was a microscope.

“That was back in 2016, 2015. Maybe that was 2014 when I bought the microscope. That was splurging, okay? It was like a $300 microscope.”

Asked why she bought it, Tiffany replied: “Because I’m a scientist … I like looking at germs. I’m interested in nature, okay?”

Tiffany will be sharing her financial advice and tips on managing money in new TV show ‘Hotline Cha-Ching’

The programme hopes to help make “financial literacy and day-to-day budgeting advice funny and digestible for a younger generation” by offering “salary negotiation tips and the dos and don’ts when trying to budget and financially plan for the future,” as well as giving “the real-talk on finance, dishing advice and stories from her life that have shaped how she handles money, and the goals associated with it.”

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