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Prince William calls for action on climate change

Prince William thinks humanity has reached a “fork in the road” in the climate change fight.

The 39-year-old royal has called for urgent action against climate change on ‘The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet’, a new BBC documentary series.

He said: “We stand at a fork in the road, we continue on our current path the natural world will decline around us, and with it potentially everything we now take for granted.

“But if we take the other path, if we strive to find solutions to our biggest problems we can create a different future for our children and grandchildren, a better future.

“One in which both humanity and nature thrive, in which the way we live our lives works in harmony with the climate.

“A future with flourishing productive oceans, one that is free of the burden of our waste and that offers, each of us, clean air with every breath.”

Prince William insisted that it’s not too late to reverse the situation.

The future monarch claimed it’s still “within our reach” to protect the environment’s long-term health.

He added: “This is a moment for hope, not fear.”

Prince William also called for “action on climate change” in 2020.

He said: “The science is out there and is irrefutable. We have the data. So let’s stop talking about it and let’s actually provide the action.

“I think that’s what’s going to be really needed over these next ten years.”

Prior to that, Prince William hailed Prince Charles’ efforts to shine a light on the issue.

He reflected: “He’s talked about this for a long time and long before people sort of cottoned on to climate change. So, I’ve always listened to and learnt and believed in what he was saying.

“But I knew it’s a very hard sell, you know, 40 years ago to kind of predict and see some of the sort of slow-moving catastrophes that we were headed towards.'”


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