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Lashana Lynch wants to see 'real change' in the film business

wants to see more women leading film franchises.

The 33-year-old actress – who stars in the new Bond film ‘No Time to Die’ – would prefer to see women lead their own film franchises, rather than simply have an actress replace Daniel as the next 007.

Lashana – who also starred in 2019’s ‘Captain Marvel’ – shared: “If we constantly say, ‘Woman, you are now taking over a man’s role’ instead of establishing our own rightful position in this space then we are not doing right by our sex.

“And we’re teaching our young girls that we can only be a replacement, that we are not good enough to have our own space, which is bizarre to me and also a real mind … It’s a mind-mess that I don’t want to teach my daughter, nor will I.

“I don’t know why we’re being so complacent in these conversations. I think it’s lazy for us to think a woman can just take over a role and feel like that’s good enough.”

Lashana – who was born in London but is of Jamaican descent – also insisted she hasn’t witnessed much progress in her industry, despite the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and other campaigns.

Reflecting on the current landscape and the supposed progress in the film business, she told The Independent: “I’m very, very reluctant to use the word change because I actually don’t see any.

“I see a lot of shifts. I see a lot of tit-for-tat responses to things, responses to the spike in the Black Lives Matter movement, conversations that happen around the headline but, then, splat! Nothing happens. That’s how I know real change isn’t happening everywhere.”

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