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Jason Isaacs 'cries at everything'

cries at “everything”.

The ‘Operation Mincemeat’ actor admitted people quickly realise he’s nothing like the tough guys he’s depicted on screen once they meet him and spend a few minutes in his company.

He said: “As soon as anyone meets me, they know I’m nothing like the scary, tough characters I’ve played.

“I remember once sitting on a plane next to someone who recognised me from ‘Civvies’, where I played a soldier with PTSD. He told me he’d served in the Falklands and the series had felt very real for him.

“And then I watched a movie on the plane and I started sobbing, with snot pouring down my face, because I cry at everything. He was so disgusted that he moved seats.”

Although the 58-year-old star doesn’t think he gets “fooled easily”, he admitted he fell for a scam when a man claimed to have been mugged on the way to the airport, prompting him to kindly hand over some cash to help – and only realised his mistake when his friends told him about a new “trick”.

He told Total Film magazine: “I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t get fooled easily.

“I was in Soho [London] once and I saw this guy standing at a traffic light, sobbing and holding a suitcase.

“He’d been mugged on his way to the airport and lost everything except his plane ticket, so I took him to an ATM and gave him some money.

“Afterwards, I was chatting to a friend of mine who said, ‘Have you heard the latest trick? These people are standing at traffic lights crying, holding fake airline tickets…’ “

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