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Eddie Redmayne 'loved' being at home during lockdown

learned to grow vegetables during lockdown.

The ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ actor “loved” spending more time at home with his wife Hannah and their children Iris, five, and three-year-old Luke during the coronavirus pandemic because it gave him the chance to learn new schools and see his kids growing and developing.

He said: “My wife is gently converting me to someone who knows his way around a veg patch.

“I loved it. Iris was just learning to read, and Luke was just learning to talk. I felt very lucky to be around.”

Next month, Eddie will be returning to the stage in London’s West End, playing ‘Cabaret’s Emcee, a role he first played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival when he was 19.

And the 39-year-old star is excited about going back to theatre for the first time in a decade because he’s always had positive experiences.

He told Britain’s Vogue magazine: “In theatre, I had such luck with new plays, such fun, and I have not always had that on film. I have done some catastrophically bad films and had some great experiences. In theatre, I’ve always found a wonderful alchemy…

“It’s the reason I love what I do, that rare moment when something becomes real. That’s the drug.”

Even if the production turns out to be a “catastrophe”, the ‘Theory of Everything’ star will still embrace the positives.

He said: “Anxiety is something that drives me. It has for a long time. Ultimately, I think, you only live once. If it’s a catastrophe, I got to play a part that always felt unfinished in me. If I don’t do it, then perhaps I will just live with regret.”

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