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The KID LAROI sets sights on 'world dominion'

The KID LAROI’s goal in life is “world dominion”.

The 18-year-old star – who is tipped to be nominated for a Grammy at next year’s ceremony, after two hit collaborations with Justin Bieber (‘Stay’) and Miley Cyrus (‘Without You’) – has set his sights on ruling the world.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine for the second part of their Grammy Preview special issue, LAROI – whose real name is Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard – said his aim is: “World dominion. It’s world domination, but domination, there’s a limit to it. Dominion, there’s no limit.”

The teen phenomenon – who recently parted ways with manager Scooter Braun – admitted that with each success he has it’s always topped by something even greater.

He said: “I’ll go through a thing where I’ll feel, ‘OK, this is huge.’ Then months later or a year later, I’ll be like, ‘Damn, that really wasn’t anything. This is huge.’ But I guess the first-ever feeling of that was probably [when] I used to be in this duo with this dude. We uploaded a video to Facebook, and it got 10,000 views or something. That was pretty encouraging.”

And the Australian native admitted he feels like he has a “weird superpower” where he can make his biggest dreams come true.

LAROI said when asked if he dreamed of performing on ‘Saturday Night Live’ as a kid: “Yeah, of course. I feel like everything that I’m doing, I imagined when I was a kid. I feel I have some weird superpower where I can just think s*** and then it happens.”

On the surreal experience of performing with Miley on the late-night sketch show and having a picture with the ‘Midnight Sky’ hitmaker and mogul backstage, he added: “‘SNL’ was pretty f****** crazy. I remember taking a picture with me, Miley, and Elon [Musk] and looking at [it] before I posted it, like, ‘Yo, what the f*** is going on in this picture?’ It was the most random group of people ever.”

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