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Katy Perry: Motherhood is a game-changer

says being a mother is a “game-changer”.

The ‘Never Worn White’ singer is mother to 14-month-old Daisy Dove – whom she has with her fiancé, Orlando Bloom – and has said parenthood had changed her life for the better.

She said: “It’s just the best in the world. It’s the game-changer. My heart is so full, finally.”

Katy now prioritises time with her daughter over everything else in her schedule, and makes sure to make room for Daisy when she’s not working.

She added to People magazine: “That hour or two of just sitting, playing, pretending and having a tea party – it gives back so much to see their imagination come to life, and to put the phone down and press pause. That makes me really happy.”

The 37-year-old singer’s comments come after also compared being a mother to her career as a popstar.

She said: “So so proud to be her mother. It’s an experience unlike any other. Now that I’m a mom my life is totally different and yet I realised, it’s kind of similar to being a pop star.

“You’re up all night, usually holding a bottle of some kind, there’s vomit on the floor, and your boobs are always out.”

Katy previously described her daughter Daisy as the “greatest gift”.

Speaking last year, the star said: “I think what children do, in general, is teach you that all you need is love.”

The ‘Firework’ singer also explained how she has had to “strike a balance” since becoming a mother.

Katy shared: “I made a conscious decision to become a mother, but I didn’t know until I became a mother that you have to strike a balance. [Motherhood is] all the clichés and more. Let me tell you as someone who has done and seen everything, there’s nothing better than having a beautiful, pure child. They’re just the epitome of love.”

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