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Ellie Goulding posts rare picture of son despite 'nerves': 'I am extremely protective over him'

Ellie Goulding has posted a rare picture of her six-month-old son on Instagram, despite being “particularly nervous” to share him with the world.

The 34-year-old singer posted a picture on Instagram on Thursday (04.11.21) of herself and her son, Arthur Ever Winter, dressed in winter coats and hats, and admitted she was nervous about uploading the image because she is “extremely protective” over her son’s identity.

The picture only showed the back of Arthur’s head and did not include his face, and was accompanied with the caption: “Heading up to Cop26 today. Our future generations shouldn’t have to inherit a broken planet because we didn’t take the opportunity to fix it when we could! LETS GO!!! Xx ()”

And Ellie – who has her son with her husband Caspar Jopling – expanded on her decision to post the photo in a later post on her Instagram Story, which read: “I was particularly nervous to post a picture of my son, even just the back of his head, because I have chosen to not expose him to the world on social media.

“I feel quite strongly about this (I believe it is his decision when he is older!). I have had people try to take photos of him now and then (really!) and I have politely asked if they could not. I am extremely protective over him as any mother would be.

“My amazing fans (I love you) and even the press have respected this. Thank you much x ()”

Meanwhile, the ‘Love Me Like You Do’ hitmaker recently blasted the sexist response to mothers returning to work after giving birth, as she said people were critical of her decision to go back to work three weeks after Arthur was born.

She said: “There’s one thing that I’ve definitely noticed and observed, which is that I get asked a lot like, ‘Oh, you’re working already. Wow. Wowzer!’

“Caspar hasn’t been asked that once, not once has been asked like, ‘Oh are you sure you want to go back to work,’ whereas I’ve had it a lot.

“It’s always kind of like, ‘Oh well done, well done for becoming a mum when you’re working, it’s well done to you’. It’s still made that we still think that women can’t do both. We can multitask and we can work.”

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