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Daniel Craig's final act as James Bond planned for 15 years

Daniel Craig's big movie regret

Daniel Craig says his final act as James Bond was planned since he joined the franchise.

The 53-year-old actor told producers when he took on the role in 2005 that he “would like to be killed off when I am finished” and the final twist of ‘No Time To Die’ was kept a closely guarded secret.

Speaking to the authors of Taschen’s ‘James Bond Archives: No Time To Die’, Daniel explained: “When I started as Bond on Casino Royale, one of the early discussions I had with Barbara [Broccolli] and Michael [G. Wilson] was that I would like to be killed off when I am finished.”

And ‘No Time To Die’s ending was only kept a secret by handing out fake copies of the script to the crew, which showed Bond emerging from the rubble and receiving a knighthood.

Gregg Wilson, the associate producer of the film, explained: “This is the first time we have had to keep elements of the story a secret.”

Producers Barbara Broccolli and Michael G Wilson, also admitted that they had discussed the idea of Bond having a daughter in 2015’s ‘Spectre’, but decided against it as he was “too old to have some repartee”.

Meanwhile, Daniel recently insisted that, unlike Bond, he is a homebody who prefers to be at his house with his wife Rachel Weisz and their daughter.

He said: “I would just rather keep myself to myself and my home, with my wife and family. I don’t venture out a great deal and I will choose places that I want to go to carefully. It’s not that I don’t like fans or appreciate how passionate they are about the films and the industry; they are entirely the ones who keep this industry moving; it’s just that I choose not to be the person who courts publicity or has loads of celebrity friends and is always out for the paparazzi to shoot me in particular hot spots.

“I prefer to keep the close friends that I have and have had for some time. We all have jobs and mine just happens to be one where people know where I am, and I have a very public image.”

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