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Paris Hilton: I celebrate monthly anniversaries with Carter Reum

celebrates “monthly” anniversaries with Carter Reum.

The 40-year-old businesswoman is due to tie the knot with Carter, also 40, on Thursday (11.11.21), and has said she’s already started celebrating her anniversaries with her beau because they mark the date they started their romance every single month.

Speaking in the first episode of her new Peacock docuseries, ‘Paris in Love’ – which details the planning of her wedding – Paris said: “Carter and I celebrate our anniversary every month. We call it our month-iversaries. Every month on the 29th.”

And her mother joked she thought the idea was “crazy”, but she is ultimately happy for her daughter.

She quipped: “The monthly anniversary thing, I thought that maybe they would do that for a few months or for the first six months. It went on and on and on, and whatever floats your boat … Crazy.”

While chatting with her mother, Paris asked Kathy, 62, if she also celebrated each month with husband Rick Hilton, to which she replied: “No.”

Paris then asked: “So that’s not normal?”, receiving another “no”.

The ‘Simple Life’ alum and Carter don’t plan on giving up their monthly celebrations either, as they’ve said they’ll carry on the tradition “for the rest of their lives”.

Carter told the cameras: “We’re definitely going to be celebrating monthly for the rest of our lives, it’s kind of our thing.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Paris confessed she was unsure if her romance was “too good to be true”, and her mother was quick to give her some words of encouragement.

Kathy said: “You’re like I was, and I know that feeling. Like, ‘Oh, is it too good to be true?’ You’re worth it. You deserve every minute of this happiness. And I believe that it was meant to be.”

And she then added to the cameras: “I think she’s been disappointed before, so you start to get a little paranoid, but I’m really happy because I think that she has made the right choice. They both complement each other.”

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