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Kylie Minogue 'sacked' her mum from her tour

once sacked her mum from her tour entourage in the early days of her singing career.

The 53-year-old pop superstar admitted her mother Carol Jones did not perform well enough when it came to “Formula 1 pit stop”-style quick costume changes she needed on the road.

Speaking on an upcoming episode of ITV’s ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, she says: “At a certain point, in the quick change, it’s like a Formula 1 pit stop and I just thought, ‘Come on, let’s move you out of here.’ ”

The ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head” hitmaker insisted that “every second counts”, so there wasn’t any time to spare.

She quips: “I can’t waste five seconds in the quick change, mum. Out. Every second counts.

“I don’t think she was on payroll, she probably progressed to be on a payroll, until I sacked her.”

Despite the firing, the ‘All the Lovers’ star admitted it was “beautiful” to have her mum with her “all the time”, and her dad Ronald also came along.

She says: “Eventually my dad came on tour when he retired from his job. He was amazed. They got to see sights each day. It was good mum wasn’t in the quick change then, so they could enjoy their time.”

Recently, Kylie revealed she has moved back to Australia after three decades of living in the UK, but she will be returning to London regularly as her boyfriend, Paul Solomon, a 46-year-old executive at GQ, is expected to remain in the UK.

She says: “I’ll be splitting my time. I had people texting me saying, ‘I’ve got to see you before you go!

“Firstly, I’m still here. It was crazy, but beautiful and overwhelming.”


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