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Emily Ratajkowski reveals her last meal would be ‘Strangled Priest’ pasta

has revealed her last supper would be ‘Strangled Priest’ Pasta

The ‘I Feel Pretty’ actress revealed the best pasta she has ever eaten was in Rome but she has forgotten the name of the restaurant.

During an appearance on the ‘Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware’ podcast, she said: “This summer I had these, I don’t know the name, but I think the translation is strangled priest. It’s these little kind of… they’re dense but twisted…so good.”

Strozapreti is a type of twisted Italian pasta, which literally means priest strangler – strozza, meaning to choke or strangle and preti meaning priest.

Emily added: “It’s going to be so embarrassing if I just made this up and I’m wrong.”

Her other last meal requests included an unconventional side order of Vietnamese rolls with peanut sauce alongside the Italian main.

She said: “I’m going all over the place – I’m not saying that these things go well together.”

Emily credits her love of food to her childhood holidays spent in Europe, as she would spend half the summer in Majorca and the other half of the summer in Ireland.

She added: “My parents as teachers always had the summers off, July and August. They decided to invest with some friends in these two properties.

“I would have to pack sweaters and coats for the second half of the trip and sun dresses for the first.”

She said being thrown into both situations was great for learning not to be a fussy eater.

She said: “It was amazing for a kid learning not to be a picky eater as I was thrown into situations were in Ireland you eat meat and potato and veg and its delicious.

“In Majorca you’ve got the paella and a lot of sea food. I kind of learnt to love it as a young kid.”

Emily is a big fan of Irish food despite others calling it simple.

She added: ““It’s funny because people always make jokes obviously about Irish food being so simple but I always say it’s so delicious. Partly because down there everything is from local farms it’s all so fresh.”


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