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Kristen Stewart: I was very naive about fame

was “very naive” about fame during her younger years.

The 31-year-old actress became an international star through her appearances in the ‘Twilight’ movies, and Kristen admits she wasn’t fully prepared for what came her way.

The Hollywood star – who played Bella Swan in the money-spinning film franchise – said: “It was very naive in the best way.”

Kristen likened starring in the to going to “college”.

And the actress thinks that people developed a perception of her based entirely on her on-screen character.

Kristen – who starred in the films alongside Taylor Lautner and her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson – told The New Yorker: “Like, how fun for people to think they know you. Did you think I was going to do ‘Twilight’ forever? Is that how you saw me?”

Meanwhile, Kristen recently admitted that she can’t control what people think of her.

The actress is conscious that even a brief encounter can leave a bad impression – but she’s learned to deal with the situation.

She said: “My experience with feeling like you don’t have control over a situation or others’ impression of you? That’s life. Everyone experiences that.

“You can’t control everyone’s opinions of you, but I think when the story on the street is just wrong and there’s no way to correct that. Like the idea that maybe you had five minutes where somebody thought you hadn’t connected with them and they’ve gotten this bad impression of you.”

Kristen also revealed that she’s previously wanted to redo lots of her old interviews.

She explained: “I’ve wanted to run back a million times every day, ‘Oh hey, can we actually re-do that interview? I just thought about something else for a second. I didn’t say the right thing.'”

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