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Lady Gaga channelled 'pain' into House of Gucci

Lady Gaga: Patrizia Reggiani isn't a 'sexy gold digger'

Lady Gaga used her “pain” from being raped to drive her ‘House of Gucci’ performance.

The 35-year-old star – who revealed earlier this year she was sexually assaulted by a mu producer when she was 19 – portrays Patrizia Reggiani, who ordered a hit on fashion heir ex-husband Maurizio Gucci in the new film and she immersed herself in the feelings stemming from the worst experiences of her life to give her character the right voice.

She said: “I took the pain I­ feel from being attacked when I was a young girl, from feeling left behind by people that I love, from feeling trapped that I can’t go out into a world that I love. I took that pain and I gave it to her.”

But director Sir Ridley Scott urged her to tone down the intensity.

He told her: “I don’t want you traumatising yourself. Leave it here and don’t do this to yourself anymore.”

The ‘Born This Way’ hitmaker pushed herself so hard for the nine months she was working on the film, she was often phyally k.

She said: “You wake up, you throw up, you go to set, throw up again.”

The plot covers three decades of Patrizia’s life, from her 1972 marriage, to Maurizio walking out on her in 1985, and organising the hit 10 years after that and Gaga thought it was “ridiculous” that she had to pass for being in her 20s.

She laughed: “Me passing as a 22 or a 25 year old is ridiculous, but thank you Ridley for believing in me in that way.”

For the role, Gaga wore a bald cap over her real hair and then various lavish wigs on top.

She told The Sun newspaper: “Our trailer where I got ready every day was like a science lab.

“There were 15 wigs back there that were actual replicas of the way she wore her hair at exact times in her life that we were able to find in photographs.

“They were specific to the era, even the chemicals that were used to dye the hair were specific to the era.”


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