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Peyton List loved learning about business during the creation of Pley Beauty

Peyton List says her “favourite part” of creating Pley Beauty was the learning the ropes of the business world.

The ‘Cobra Kai” star found it “cool” to get to call the shots and learn from other women in the room when she was putting together her new cosmetics line, which boasts recyclable, refillable packaging.

The 23-year-old former child star told Teen Vogue: “I think my favorite part was getting to really learn the business side of something. I’m usually so on the creative side of things that I don’t really get to sit in the conference rooms and make decisions. That was really cool. And then also getting to pick the brains of the women that are running the team. They’ve come from different brands and to hear their stories and to hear the knowledge that they have on beauty has opened my eyes to the industry. It’s been a very cool process.

Peyton became “interested” in crafting makeup looks – and how they impact the way people treat you – from her many hours spent in the beauty department in the many sets she grew up on.

She said: I’ve always been so interested in it. I think it started from the first time I sat in a makeup chair. I would wrap on set and then I would go to school and see that people would treat me differently from when I would come back for the last class all done up in my makeup. It was very natural when I was younger.”

However, the former ‘Jessie’ star it “wasn’t really anything” until she discovered her mother’s stash and “discovered” its ability to transform as a child.

She said: “It wasn’t really anything until I started stealing my mom’s makeup and going in the bathroom and locking the doors. She’d be like, “Peyton, come on.” She didn’t really know what I was doing, but then I would come out with way too much blush on. I remember my mom laughing at me when I would walk out of school because I went a little overboard with it. I realize the power of makeup at a young age and became really being interested in it. I started asking the makeup artists all kinds of questions when I would sit in their chair.

The collection of eye, cheek and lip products are all available online with prices starting at $16 for an eyeliner, $36 for an eyeshadow pallet and $42 for a special edition ‘Cobra Kai’ bag.

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