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Jared Leto: It's 'OK' not to like my House of Gucci performance

Jared Leto: It's 'OK' not to like my House of Gucci performance

Jared Leto has insisted it is “OK” if people didn’t like his performance in ‘House of Gucci’.

The 49-year-old actor has received a mixed reaction to his portrayal of Paolo Gucci in the film but admitted he never reads reviews so the only thing that matters is he “had a blast” making the movie and is happy just to have sparked a reaction.

He told Screendaily: “I can imagine [the reaction] because it’s a big swing. I don’t look at reviews, I don’t look at critics or read comments, but I tried my very best. Paolo is the best I can do. If you don’t like the work, that’s OK.

“I had a blast playing it, I dug in as deep as I could. It’s also that thing of if you’re not p****** people off then you’re doing something wrong. As an actor, if you want to put a dent in things you got to break things a bit, and not everyone’s going to understand that. So if that’s happening, then great.”

While Jared likes to immerse himself into his roles, he thinks people misunderstand his process and it is just “practical” to be as prepared for his work as possible.

He said: “‘Method acting’, ‘staying in character’, I just reject those terms because they have been perverted by a bunch of morons who don’t know what they are talking about.

“For me it’s practical. It’s my job to be the most prepared person on the planet and be ready to go. You don’t want to step onto a set with Denzel Washington or Denis Villeneuve or Al Pacino and not be prepared.

“I enjoy disappearing into that part. There’s nothing strange about it. What’s strange is people’s interpretation of my art. Everyone has a method.”

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