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Jennifer Lopez remembers making her own prom dress

Jennifer Lopez made her own prom dress.

The ‘Jenny From The Block’ hitmaker has remembered the special gown – a pink satin and lace ensemble – she created for the dance with then-boyfriend David Cruz, and she admitted she “had a vision”.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she said: “I made my prom dress. A pink halter, mermaid. Pink satin with lace on top.

“I drew it and gave it to this dressmaker in the neighborhood and was like, ‘This is the dress I want to make.’ I had a vision.”

J-Lo – who grew up in the Bronx – also reflected on how designer shoes lined up against a wall in a London hotel suite made her realise how much her life had changed forever as her film and music career took off in the late 1990s.

She recalled: “I was like, ‘I remember having holes in the bottom of my sneakers’. I was just like, ‘Is this happening?’

“It was almost like a f****** fairy tale. And it wasn’t about the wealth of it. It was about the change, the disparity in it.

“That hotel suite was bigger than the house I grew up in. Way bigger.”

Although the 52-year-old star is used to her wealth now, she still feels like an “underdog” given her journey “scrapping from the bottom”.

She explained: “I think I’m an underdog. I always feel like I was scrapping from the bottom. Always. I always felt like I wasn’t the one that was supposed to be in the room.

“That’s part of being Puerto Rican and from the Bronx and a woman. You know what I mean? All of that stuff.

“Not being born into a family with money. Not knowing anybody in the business. I just went out there and said, ‘F*** it. I’m going to just try. I’m going to try to get in here.’ ”

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