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Bella Hadid dresses 'like a little boy'

Bella Hadid dresses “like a little boy”.

The 25-year-old model loves fashion and splurging on new clothes but admitted she won’t ever “willingly” wear a dress when she isn’t working.

She told America’s Vogue magazine: “I dress like a little boy. You couldn’t catch me in a dress willingly at this point in my life.

“I’m dead-on. I know what I like. I always have, since I was young. And I’ve never drifted.”

And Bella is aware her look has been copied by millions of other women who have been inspired by posts on social media.

She added: “I look outside and I see a hundred people dressed exactly like me, just because of what Instagram is.”

The brunette beauty is an avid user of online resale platform Depop and takes pride in her user rating.

She said: “I don’t know if anybody knows it’s me, but it’s always like, very sweet buyer! Awesome buyer!”

Bella originally planned to study photography and when she’s on set for a job, she’s interested in every aspect of the photoshoot.

She said: “On set everybody laughs at me, because I’m going around asking people about the lights, or why some photographer liked to shoot on a Hasselblad, or how the art director decided on the character he wanted me to be.”

The model suggested her least favourite part of a photoshoot is having her picture taken.

She added: “I look like I might be micromanaging, but what’s happening is I am production, I am creative, I’m figuring out what hair and make-up are doing, I’m helping with styling. I love to be a part of that process. Sometimes I think I love everything except being in front of the camera.”

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