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Michelle Pfeiffer's Scarface shades cost just $3

Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic ‘Scarface’ shades cost just $3.

The 63-year-old Hollywood actress starred as Elvira alongside as Tony Montana in the 1983 crime classic, and Michelle has revealed her famous cat-eye sunglasses were from the drugstore.

Appearing on ‘Live with and Ryan’, she said: “Those I bought at a drugstore for, like, three dollars.”

The ‘First Lady’ star held onto them until they broke.

She added: “I kept them for a while, but I think they kinda fell apart over time. I mean, they were cheap.”

Meanwhile, Michelle previously admitted she is bemused by the public’s perception of her.

The movie star insisted that her public image doesn’t necessarily chime with her real-life self, admitting she can be both “icy” and a “wreck”.

Michelle – who played Catwoman in the Tim Burton-directed ‘Batman Returns’ – reflected: “I can be both people. On a really bad day I’m more Catwoman, yeah. But if I get icy, then I’m really mad. And if I lose it, I’m a wreck. I’m overwhelmed.

“It’s a different kind of anger: I don’t have control over my life. I’m actually feeling sort of like that at the moment. I feel like I’m on the verge of that every moment lately.”

Michelle currently runs a fragrance company called Henry Rose, which she launched in 2019.

But according to the actress, being a boss isn’t something that comes naturally to her.

She shared: “Having a company has taught me that you can’t just go round screaming at people. Which I don’t do anyway.

“I’m a really good worker bee. In all honesty I’m not interested in being a boss.”

Michelle also feels it remains tough for women in Hollywood to make their voices heard.

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