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Lily Collins's wedding hair was off her face to show her 'joy'

wanted her hair to be off her face on her wedding day, so all of her “excitement and joy” could be seen.

The ‘Emily in Paris’ star opted for a “more earthy and wavy” look for her bridal hair when she tied the knot with Charlie McDowell in Colorado in September.

She told Allure: “I wanted my whole face to be seen, and the excitement and joy and all of that.”

Lily is known for her signature curtain bangs, but she actually admitted she didn’t have the “courage” to have the fringe cut in for a long time.

She said: “I wanted to do this for years but never had the courage to take the plunge.

“I see hair as an extension of your personality and how you’re feeling about yourself, and if you’re ready to make a change — like I was getting bangs.”

The 33-year-old actress added: “Now, it feels like I’ve had them forever.

“I got used to them very quickly.”

Meanwhile, Lily recently admitted she wants to be “unrecognisable”.

The ‘Love, Rosie’ star loves being “a chameleon” on screen, and she has “no problem” with being unrecognisable, either.

She explained: “I definitely see characters as a way to make myself a chameleon of sorts, but also I use photoshoots, Met Balls or big and make-up and hair opportunities as moments to become something different, or at least have a different side of my personality come out.

“And I have no problem being unrecognisable. That’s what I want.”

Lily was initially reluctant to change her natural look for her early on-screen roles.

She said: “I think it was my second movie, and I had to dye my hair red. I remember freaking out.”

However, her attitude has changed markedly over the years.

She shared: “All of a sudden I thought, ‘Oh, the floodgates are open. Now what am I going to do next?'”

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