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Saweetie isn’t sure if she has more wigs or Birkin bags

Saweetie isn’t sure if she has more wigs or Birkin bags.

The ‘My Type’ hitmaker – real name Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper – thinks she could have “the same amount” of wigs as she does of versions of the highly-coveted and Hermes handbag.

The 28-year-old rapper told Glamour: “I don’t know what I have more of. Maybe it’s the same.”

“I honestly have a whole bucket of wigs. I don’t throw away my wigs, so I just have a big old pile at my in a bucket. I need to go through it…

Saweetie shared how switching up her hair lets her slip into being “a different girl”.

“It makes me feel like I’m playing a role or something, with every wig I definitely feel like a different girl.”

The Grammy nominee believes being able to test out various hairstyles allow her to chop and change the “energy” she omits out in the world.

Saweetie said: “I feel like different hairstyles attract different groups of people, different types of energies. I definitely see a difference when I’m wearing long, long straight hair to when I wear curly hair. Braids are definitely a different energy… I don’t know, maybe it’s the energy I give off.”

The ‘Best Friend’ hitmaker can date her love of hair from her childhood when she and all her friends growing up “would take turns” helping each other out their dos.

Saweetie said: “I could do hair, they could do hair. We would take turns doing each other’s hair before we would go to the playground

“Baby hairs, the bows, the knockers – anything that would make my hair vibrant, I loved it.”

She added that being raised in Sacramento gave her the ability to see “everything as a form of expression”.

Saweetie said: “I’m from the Bay, so ever since we’re kids, your hair, your clothes, our slang, how we talk, the music – everything is a form of expression. Hair, to me, is like putting art on your head.”

The ‘Icy Chain’ hitmaker – who was banned from straightening her hair by mother – grew up wanting poker straight hair like her MAC campaign co-star Cher, recalling how she felt it was “high maintenance and not easy to do”.

Saweetie said: “I hated my hair. It’s naturally really kinky and curly. It’s beautiful, but I was a tomboy and was like, ‘I don’t got no time for this.’”

“I loved me a long, straight, silky West Coast press. That was my favourite.

“I remember when I would compliment another girl with straight hair, she wouldn’t compliment me back. At a young age, I just felt like my hair was very high maintenance and not easy to do. I always wished I had straight hair.”

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