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Anne Hathaway 'just gets' fashion, says stylist

has an “encyclopedic” knowledge of fashion.

The Oscar-winning actress has turned heads at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival with her eye-catching outfits, and Erin Walsh, her stylist, has praised Anne’s “effortless and glamorous” style.

Erin explained: “With fashion, I think she just gets it. She has this kind of encyclopedic brain that knows what might resonate for a particular occasion.

“So if we’re talking about Cannes specifically, it’s not like we created these looks in a vacuum. We definitely had in mind the whole lexicon of its historical context and different silhouettes and references, and it informed what we ended up doing. But that said, one of the reasons Annie’s a brilliant actress is the same.”

Erin admits that working with the 39-year-old actress has been “an absolute dream”.

She told “If I was going to use the word muse, I would use it here because that’s what she is.”

Erin ultimately wants to create something that looks “innovative, fresh and fun”.

She said: “You always want to create a statement that’s both of the moment and timeless.

“You always want to do something that feels innovative, fresh and fun. I feel like you look at her on that carpet and she’s so meant to be there. So the clothes are the icing around that fact.”

Meanwhile, Anne previously confessed to being wowed by the “cool style” of her peers.

The acclaimed actress also admitted there’s a lot of for roles in the movie business.

The ‘Devil Wears Prada’ star explained: “I look around at my peers and I’m so blown away by their talent and their beauty and their cool style, as well as their ability to be an actress and be a movie star and be good at it. I mean, they’re so good and we’re all trying to get the same parts.”

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