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Baroness Floella Benjamin 'was propositioned by David Bowie and wife Angie'

Baroness Floella Benjamin claims David Bowie and his wife Angie both tried to seduce her on the same night.

The 72-year-old former children’s TV presenter claims that the late mu icon tried to seduce her at the “height of his fame” at a Christmas party in the early 70s.

In her memoir, she claims Bowie said: “Would you like to come upstairs with me? I want to offer you the world. You can have anything you desire.”

Floella was starring in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ at the time, and she can still remember everyone at the party being wowed by Bowie.

The star-studded guest list included the likes of Sir Mick Jagger, Cat Stevens and Marc Bolan – but according to Floella, it was Bowie who attracted most of the attention.

She recalled: “When David Bowie walked into the room, slim and charismatic, all eyes were drawn to him. He came straight over to me and bowed. ‘May I have this dance?’ he said.”

Floella can’t remember the song they danced to, but she has vivid memories of “the way he moved”.

In ‘What Are You Doing Here?’, she says: “To my astonishment, I suddenly found myself heading for the dance floor with David Bowie himself. Though I don’t remember the song, I remember that it was a slow number, he held me close and I’ve never forgotten the way he moved.

“He was the best person I’ve ever danced with … it was mesmerising.”

Floella claims that Angie Bowie also propositioned her later in the night.

The late mu star and Angie had an open marriage before they divorced in 1980.

Floella said: “She watched me float into the room and then she announced: ‘Well, I’ve now seen my New Year’s present!’ I began to feel very vulnerable. This wasn’t my scene.”


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