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Ewan McGregor says working with Hayden Christensen again was 'so lovely'

felt like no time had passed when he started working with Hayden Christensen again.

The two actors have reprised their ‘Star Wars’ roles in new Disney+ spin-off series ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’, and the Scottish star – who plays the titular character opposite his friend as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader – thought it was “lovely” to be reunited with his 41-year-old co-star.

He said: “I love Hayden and we spent a lot of time together in Australia when we shot ‘Episode II’ and ‘III’.

“If we weren’t shooting together, we were very often in the fight gym together because we had so much fighting to do, so we were always learning that choreography and training.

“My daughter, who’s 26 now, was only little but she really loved Hayden and he was very sweet with her.

“Afterwards, Hayden made other but he also had a property in Canada where he’s a farmer and he raises cattle and sheep.

“I love that sort of duality to his life. It was just lovely to work with him again and it really did feel very natural.

“Looking across at him it was like the last 20 years didn’t even happen, like they were just a dream.”

But the 51-year-old star was very much aware of his age when it came to the phyality of filming.

He told SFX magazine: “Some of the fight sequences are every bit as intricate as they were in the films.

“And I knew that because I was older, I had to keep up with that so I got really fit before I even started the fight training. Then doing the training keeps you very fit as well.”

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