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Chris Pratt's Terminal List prank that went very wrong

Chris Pratt ended up “coughing up dirt” when a prank went wrong on the set of ‘The Terminal List’.

The 42-year-old actor portrays Navy SEAL commander James Reece in the eight-part thriller and though he’s known for his love of joking around, things almost backfired when he couldn’t resist trying something “funny” while shooting a scene where his character got caught in a landslide.

He explained: “Reece is getting buried alive, so I was up to my neck in mud.

“They used an excavator to dump another bucket load of dirt on me and I was supposed to crawl my way out.

“I’m good at holding my breath, so I thought it would be funny if I didn’t move for a while – but it ended up taking me about a minute and a half before I finally managed to get out.

“I came out coughing up dirt. It was so real, people came up to me saying, ‘Dude, that was some of the best acting I’ve seen.’”

The series sees James team up with journalist Katie Buranek (Constance Wu) to find out if terrorists had been tipped off by a traitor after they ambush his platoon during a covert mission in Syria.

But Chris teased all is not as it seems with his character.

He told TV and Satellite magazine: “It’s very much a psychological thriller in tone – very dark and twisted.

“Reece is an unreliable narrator. We realise that his recollection of events is wrong.

“He can’t explain what is going on, and he doesn’t know if he is culpable in the death of his men.

“As the series unfolds, his paranoia starts to grow. We don’t know if it’s because is is in the middle of a conspiracy, or because he is losing his mind.”

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