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Yungblud hints at possible Rolling Stones collab

Yungblud hopes to collaborate with The Rolling Stones after meeting idol Sir Mick Jagger.

The ‘Funeral’ rocker, 24, got the chance to meet the ‘Satisfaction’ singer at their Liverpool concert at Anfield football stadium earlier this month, and the 78-year-old mu legend recently honoured Yungblud for carrying the torch for rock ‘n’ roll in the 21st century by presenting him with a guitar inspired by the late Buddy Holly’s Gibson J-45.

And it was a “dream come true” for the pop punk star.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, Yungblud – whose real name is Dominic Harrison – said: “We had a PCR test in the morning. They’ve gotta be really safe. Meeting him was a dream come true.

“He’s a real hero of mine. We talked about mu, the state of rock ’n’ roll, the energy within it and the diversity in rock mu right now.

“Thank f*** people are getting p***** off again. “People need to be p***** off.

“That’s what rock ’n’ roll is founded on – energy and love.”

Asked if a Stones collaboration is on the cards, he replied: “I’d love that. We’re in contact, we’ve met and if the opportunity arises, absolutely.”

In a separate interview, Yungblud revealed the legendary frontman was just as cool as expected and revealed Jagger’s son Lucas, 23, introduced his father to the star’s mu.

The ‘Mars’ singer said: “He talks about me in the press and he’s a fan. I was going to play in Dublin and then go over to Donny to see me mam, and I had to pass Liverpool anyway where they were playing so I asked someone on my team to reach out and they got me in and it was amazing.

“He was proper how you want Jagger to be: ‘Woah, cool man, yeah’. Giving it the proper neck vibes. I’m doing a bit of a Jagger impression all the time, I suppose. He said that his son Lucas turned him onto my mu a couple years ago and he just loved the energy. If you break down rock ’n’ roll man in its various forms, that’s what it all comes down to – energy and truth in different ends of the spectrums.”


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