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Jack White confirms plans to 're edit' and release lost Prince album Camille

Jack White has confirmed plans to “re-edit” Prince’s album ‘Camille’ as the late legend “originally planned”.

Earlier this year, the 46-year-old muian’s Third Man Records secured the rights to release the lost 1986 record under his feminine alter ego Camille, and the LP included pitch-shifted vocals to make him sound more like a woman.

As quoted by the Daily Star newspaper’s Wired column, he said: “We are able to re-edit it as it was originally planned. So that is great news.

“It’s very difficult to confirm, because Prince himself changed his mind about ‘Camille’ when he was about to release it.

“[But] I don’t think [releasing] it goes against his will, because he ended up issuing many of the songs on different recordings over the years. It’s not like he didn’t want them to see the light of day.”

Earlier this year, Jack announced plans to release ‘Camille’ after he paid almost $50,000 for a test pressing.

He added: “I already owned a copy of Prince’s ‘The Black Album’ on vinyl as well as on cassette and so I was trying to get this copy of ‘Camille’ for the Third Man archives.

“After losing out to other bidders a long time ago, we were lucky to win one this time round. I spoke about it publicly to help secure the reissue with the Prince estate and Warner Bros.”

And while the mu industry can be unpredictable, the ‘Seven Nation Army’ rocker is optimistic about being able to release the record for a wider audience.

He said: “I can say that it looks like it’s good to go, even if you never know in the mu industry.”

Back in April, Third Man’s co-founder Ben Blackwell has confirmed the mu legend’s estate has given them the go-ahead to release the eight-track record for the first time in full.

He said at the time: “We’re finally going to put it out. Prince’s people agreed – almost too easy.”

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