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X Factor Champ Isaiah Firebrace’s Court Drama: Shocking CCTV Twist in Alleged Attack Saga!

Isaiah Firebrace

X Factor Australia’s 2016 winner, , has landed a major legal victory, with explosive CCTV footage turning the tables in court!

The 23-year-old singing sensation, embroiled in a domestic violence drama, appeared in Downing Centre Local Court on December 20, pleading not guilty. But hold onto your hats, because the plot just thickened!

The court was buzzing as Firebrace’s lawyer, Alex Istifan, unveiled CCTV footage that blasted holes in the police’s version of the story. What’s on the tape? Isaiah, chilling at a Star Casino gaming machine, gets slapped not once but twice by his girlfriend, Stephanie Mendez. Isaiah swings back, but here’s the twist – the CCTV doesn’t show him delivering the alleged punch police are on about.

Magistrate Clare Farnan was all ears, agreeing the footage didn’t match up with the claims. It’s a story of slaps, swings, and a stomp, but not the heavyweight attack everyone thought. This CCTV reveal could be a game-changer!

Now, Firebrace is throwing a curveball, aiming to get the charges tackled under the Mental Health Act. Why? His team’s spilling the tea on his tough upbringing and PTSD battles. Magistrate Farnan’s on board, so Isaiah’s looking at a 12-month mental health plan, not jail time.

But wait, there’s more! Firebrace can’t go near Mendez if he’s had a drop to drink or dabbled in drugs – that’s the deal for two years. And guess what? Mendez had her own legal dance earlier this year, facing similar charges.

It’s a rollercoaster for our X Factor hero, but this latest twist might just be his ticket to a drama-free new year!


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