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The Last Dinner Party slam misogyny in music: Being five non-male musicians is not groundbreaking

The Last Dinner Party admit it’s a “shame” that the fact they are five non-male muians making popular mu is seen as “groundbreaking”.

The ‘Nothing Matters’ group have called out the misogyny in the mu and insisted there is a “long line” of “powerful” female and non-binary artists who came before them.

Abigail Morris – who is joined by Georgia Davies, Lizzie Mayland, Aurora Nishevci, and Emily Roberts in the BRIT Award-winning group – told ‘Channel 4 News’: “Yeah, I think the revealing thing is like, as we’ve been coming up, the kind of headline thing is like, the first female band to do anything and like people kind of seem to be implying we’re doing something really new and groundbreaking just by being, you know, five non-male muians when in fact, we come from a very long line and community of very powerful female and non-binary artists and I think it’s just a shame that culture at large seems to be constantly blinkered to like, the fact that like, every few years, there’s a new study being like breaking news, misogyny in mu and it’s like yes, we know.”

The girls – who met eating pizza at fresher’s week at university – also called out festivals that continue to book the same male headliners.

Georgia said: “I think, in order for female and non-binary bands to progress up into that status, they need to be given the highest slots on festival lineups. To be given the chance to perform to a big crowd because without giving those slots to people who deserve it, we’re just going to keep seeing the same kind of legacy historically. Good, but kind of…”

Referring to former stars Liam and Noel Gallagher, Abigail interjected: “Just alternating Gallagher brothers.”

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