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Donald Glover's love for Star Wars inspired him to make franchise return

Donald Glover set for new Spider-Man universe movie

’s passion for ‘Star Wars’ encouraged him to return to the franchise.

The 40-year-old actor is set to reprise his role as Lando Calrissian in a new spin-off movie and explained how his love for the character inspired him to re-enter the legendary space opera.

Donald told The Hollywood Reporter: “[‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ co-star] Maya [Erskine] and I talk about nos a lot, it’s the only power you have in this industry. But I said yes because I like the characters and my kids love ‘Star Wars’.

“And at this point, I just know when something’s going to be good, because you’re really fighting the industry when you [put your imprint on a franchise of that magnitude]. And it’s not like … I was going to say, and it’s not like I hate the industry, but now I’m like, ‘Do I hate the industry?’”

Donald initially played the part of Lando in the 2018 film ‘Solo: A Story’ and recalled how Billy Dee Williams – who first starred the character in 1980’s ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ – told him to be “charming” as the space smuggler.

He said: “I was like, ‘I’ve always felt like this character could do this, and he represents this, and I kind of feel like he comes from here, and it’s very obvious he has a lot of taste, so maybe he grew up seeing that from afar? Because I’m like that. Maybe he saw it from other planets and was like, ‘I want to be that.’

“He just let me ramble on and on, and then finally I was like, ‘So, what do you think?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, I don’t know about all that. Just be charming.'”


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