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Lucy Liu says secret to her flawless skin is leaving it alone

Liu doesn’t do anything to her skin to maintain her flawless complexion.

The 55-year-old actress is known for her glowing skin, and she has admitted she doesn’t have a skincare routine and believes leaving it alone is key.

She told LifeMinute.TV: “My skin? I don’t do anything. No facials, scrubs, or peels.

“I think it’s just … leave it alone.”

When it comes to de-stressing, the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star loves to cosy up with a good book or have a sleepover with her son Rockwell, who was born in 2015 via gestational surrogate.

She said: “I get in my pyjamas early, before the sun goes, down, cosy up with a book or an audiobook.

“I have sleepovers with my son. We just adopted a dog. Just get cosy and de-programme yourself a little bit with everything else that is happening.”

And asked for a piece of life advice, she said: “Don’t give up. I think it’s so easy, don’t give up on yourself.”

The award-winning star also loves anything “spiritual” and meditates.

She previously told the Times Magazine: “I’m into all things spiritual—anything to do with meditation or chants or any of that stuff. I studied Chinese philosophy in school. There’s something in the metaphysical that I find very fascinating.”

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