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Meg Bellamy loves 'freeing' new bob

Meg Bellamy finds her new haircut “freeing”.

The 21-year-old actress wasn’t allowed to cut her locks while playing Kate Middleton – the future Catherine, Princess of Wales – in ‘The Crown’ – but she recently changed her style into a shorter bob and she’s thrilled with the change.

She told “I hadn’t been allowed to cut my hair for so long because of the show. I just wanted like a bit of a change. I had a photographer in Paris who had this beautiful French bob and I was like, I want that.

“Luckily my hairstylist Chad Maxwell, he cut it for me and he’s so amazing at making anything look fab. I love it. It’s very freeing having a bob.”

But Meg enjoyed being able to bring out her natural wave more when she was filming ‘The Crown’.

She said: “I loved playing my natural hair texture. I always thought I just had very straight hair and on the show, we pulled out more of its wavy texture.

“It was really exciting just to see what elements of myself we could bring out and elevate to make them look more like Kate.”

Despite regularly being compared to the princess, Meg insisted she doesn’t set out to like Catherine.

She said: “‘Even after the show, we will pick out a look that has absolutely nothing to do with Kate for no other reason other than we just like the look.

“Even if it’s not inspired by her necessarily, I’ll still read an article the next day that’s like, ‘Meg honours Kate’s 2017 gown…’ but, you know, she’s been in the public eye for a long time. It’s pretty likely that she will have worn a lot of things.

“t is interesting and I’m not trying to be her when I’m not playing her.

“The separation I think is important but I guess, understandable that people only see me as her because I’ve not done anything else yet.”

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