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Colman Domingo wants to 'look like a big flirt'

Colman Domingo saddened by lack of Rustin attention

Colman Domingo wants to “look like a big flirt”.

The ‘Rustin’ actor is proud that he’s been winning praise for his red carpet looks because he has always gone for the same sort of “understated”, well-cut outfits that make him feel “sexy and playful”.

Asked how it feels to be the unofficial best-dressed man in Hollywood, he told America’s Vanity Fair magazine: “That is the coolest thing. It’s funny, because I think I’ve always understood my own style. Working with my stylists, Wayman and Micah, we’ve always crafted story.

“No matter how I was dressing—because I’m always dressing—people are noticing it more now. I usually thought that people went for the noisier, louder [outfits], wearing bells and whistles and everything.

“I’m a bit more understated—masculine cuts, tailoring. I love classic things that reference, like, Pendergrass.

“I love 1970s Italian cuts because I’m tall and lean. I have nice long legs. I like high-waisted [pants].

“I like to feel sexy and playful. I like to look like a big flirt at all times. I flirt all day long.”

The 54-year-old actor used to be “insecure about everything” but he has grown to embrace the things he disliked about himself and thinks that has made him “more beautiful”.

He said: “I was insecure about everything—I don’t think even about being queer. I was insecure about being tall, my nose, my body—I was very skinny. At some point you make agreements and you’re like, Well, this is mine. I guess if I don’t love it, nobody else will.

“And so I started to take to love it and understand what I’m working with. And I think that that’s where you find all that inner light and inner beauty. And then I think you become, I guess, more beautiful.”

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