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Shakira has developed her own hair products

Shakira keeps her wavy hair frizz-free by using her own products which she had developed in a lab.

The 47-year-old pop superstar has revealed she grew frustrated of using products that failed to live up to the label, so she splashed out on having her own hair line created to her needs.

During an interview with Allure magazine, she spilled: “I’ve tried every single hair product on the market. There are not many out there that can deal with damage, moisture, frizziness, shine, and all of that so …

“I went to a lab and developed my own products for myself, my own line.”

Shakira went on to hint she might launch them as her own haircare line in the future, adding: “Maybe one day I’ll share my secret.”

The singer also spoke about her skincare regime and revealed her secret to plumped up skin is facial massage.

She told the publication: “I don’t do a lot … I hydrate with marula oil and hyaluronic acid. And when I have an appearance, I do the craziest thing.

“I massage my face and neck very vigorously because I believe that circulation, the irrigation of blood to the skin and muscles, can rejuvenate, so I look more plumped.”

The ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ star previously admitted she often misses her dark hair because it’s never been as shiny since she started dyeing it blonde.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: “I changed my hair many different ways throughout my career. I love dark hair. I sometimes miss my super-shiny black, dark hair. It never got to be the same because once you put bleach on your hair, it just never shines the same way …

“I read something, in a compilation of wise advice for young people, that said, ‘Use sunblock and do not mess with your hair.’ I’ve messed with my hair too much.”


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