Final Destination movies were ‘too expensive’ to consider another sequel

‘Final Destination 6’ would be too expensive to make.

It’s been more than seven years since the fifth instalment in the horror franchise – which starred the likes of Ali Larter and Tony Todd – and now Todd has opened up on the possibility of another film in the series.

He told Bloody Disgusting: "I am [surprised] but I know why there hasn’t been [another sequel]. It’s really an expensive film to shoot. Just getting whatever accident set pieces, like for example part two with the whole traffic accident, that took a good five weeks to shoot and at least 20 million bucks.

"So there are other films like the Annabelle films which just focused on a doll that they can shoot for a lot cheaper and still make money."

Todd starred as mortician William Bludworth in the first, second, and final movies in the series, with each movie showing several teens on the run after cheating Death – which caught up with them in increasingly brutal and ridiculous ways.

While the first film opened with a plane crash, the sequel started with a multi-car motorway pile-up, with the third instalment taking things to a theme park with a fatal rollercoaster ride.

For the ‘The Final Destination’ – which was actually the fourth movie – it was an accident at the McKinley Speedway.

‘Final Destination 5’ – which opened with a bridge collapse – grossed $157.9 million worldwide and received the best reviews of the series, and while there might be hope for a sequel, Todd doesn’t think it’s likely.

He added: "I’m pretty sure that ship has sailed but who knows? You never know. It was a good one while we had it."

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