Billy Zane didn’t know director was blind for four days

Billy Zane didn’t know his director was blind for four days.

Adam Morse – the director of Zane’s latest movie ‘Lucid’ – was initially afraid to admit he is blind as he believed "no one would finance his film" and Adam was so good at hiding it, Billy had no idea about his visual impairment until his fourth day of filming.

In an exclusive interview with BANG Showbiz at the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, London, he said: "Our director Adam Morse is blind, literally, and didn’t tell anyone because he was afraid no one would finance his film if he told anyone he was.

"When I found out, I figured it out my fourth day, he’s good at hiding it but the concept of a man who had a degenerative stigma that led to his blindness, and one who is hired to direct a film, is curious.

"You’d think it wouldn’t be possible but he had forged an aesthetic, clearly, through his lifetime and knew what he liked and what he didn’t but was still as open as confident and as comfortable with the role and the process that it just became a non-issue, but fascinating none the less."

Billy, 52 – who won Best Actor at the Gold Awards for ‘Lucid’ – went on to say that he and his producer for his upcoming film ‘Waltzing with Marlon Brando’, in which he will play the late star, have considered making a documentary around Adam’s incredible story.

He said: "Now he’s kind of coming out with it and writing a bit about it and it’s a fascinating journey we were just discussing.

"You know my producer Dean for the Brando project, said we should have made a documentary on the subject we haven’t stopped talking about doing that. So maybe we’ll make a doc just covering Adam’s next film and what that process is like."

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