Liam Ferrari drops new video ‘Run To You’

Instagram star releases new music video

Social media star Liam Ferrari drops new music video “Run To You”.

On the idea for the song “Run to You,” he said, “We just loved the beat and wanted to write something about running back to a partner in the context of holding on to that familiar feeling.”

Ferrari filmed the music video for the song in a Greek island, which was a remarkable experience for the multifaceted Aussie entertainer. “Greece was amazing. One of the best places I’ve been, we were welcomed by the people and shot at some truly inspirational locations,” he elaborated.

 He revealed that his plans for the future include a lot more music. “We are working hard on lots of new stuff. I also travel quite a bit and like to visit new places and meet new people,” he said.
 When asked what motivates him each day, he responded, “The feeling of waking up to a brand new day that I can make whatever I want out of it.”

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On the digital transformation of the entertainment industry, he said, “Technology has brought instant connection, we are all so close to each other.” “I can speak to people who follow me like they’re next door!” Ferrari exclaimed.

Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine, he said, “I use Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube regularly. I want to live alongside my fans through these channels.”

For aspiring singers and dancers, his advice is as follows: “Grind! Keep at it and believe in yourself! I know it sounds cliche but it’s so true.”

 Ferrari listed global music mega-star Justin Bieber as his dream collaboration choice. “Justin Bieber has been an inspiration to me so a song with him would be cool,” he admitted.
He defined the word success as “Family, love, and friends.”
For his fans, the Aussie heartthrob concluded, “Thanks for being alongside me up until now. We’re only getting started guys.

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