M. Night Shyamalan: The film business has changed in my favour

M. Night Shyamalan thinks the movie industry’s culture has changed in his "favour".

The 48-year-old director – who recently helmed ‘Glass’, the sequel to his earlier movies ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Split’ – is thrilled that Hollywood has decided to embrace the superhero genre, admitting the industry’s evolution chimes with his own "tastes".

Asked what triggered his decision to make the third movie in the series, Shyamalan explained: "The fact that comic-book movies are prolific now helped in terms of getting the movie to be accepted by the system.

"But that wasn’t related to why I got interested in making this series again. I became interested again because the accepted tone of cinema has changed in my favour; in favour of my tastes."

Shyamalan also explained how the cultural evolution has helped him as a filmmaker.

He observed that audiences’ reaction to particular themes and particular scenes have changed over time.

He told Den of Geek: "In ‘Unbreakable’, the weirdness and the darkness of where I wanted to go was much less comfortable for audiences.

"Take the dance sequence in ‘Split’, for example, where Hedwig [one of Crumb’s 24 personalities who manifests as a nine-year-old boy] is dancing for Casey.

"In 2000, that might have been too weird for an audience, like, ‘That’s stupid … Is this supposed to be funny?’ It would have been seen as a negative. But by the time ‘Split’ came out, people were laughing and scared. It’s disturbing."

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