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Fely Irvine reveals favourite Sydney Spots!

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Fely Irvine reveals favourite Sydney Spots!

Fely Irvine has come a long way since her days on Hi-5!

Hollywood Treatment having been keeping up-to-update with Fely’s massive achievements and here’s hoping to another massive year for the Aussie hit-maker!

She was a contestant on ‘The Voice Australia’ and won her position on Team Ricky with her audition of ‘We Found Love’ by Rihanna this year!

Fely has been dating Home & Away actor Tai Hara since last year and isn’t shy about showing off their relationship!

The 25-year-old actress also played the role of Jerri Landale on the ‘Home and Away’.

Fely spared time off her busy schedule to reveal some of his favourite spots to hang out when he isn’t recording any music or acting, check it out below:

Twitter/Instagram: @felyirvine

Favourite place to grab a desert?
To be honest, I don’t have a sweet tooth. I don’t like icecream or chocolate, some people say I’m lucky… I just think I’m missing out.

Favourite place to snack?

I love grabbing a coffee and a cheeky croissant at Gusto in Coogee. They have great coffee.
Favourite lolly? (refer to first question)

Favourite place to grab a bite? 
I absolutely LOVE ‘Out of the blue’ in Clovelly. They do the best burgess and chips. I eat there at least once a week, often twice.

Favourite place to go to for a beer? 
‘Cubby House’ at ‘the Spot’ in Randwick. Always has such a great vibe and good music.

Favourite place to go clubbing? 
I’m not really clubbing kind of girl. I much prefer a sit down bar so I can chat with friends or a pub where we can play pool.

Favourite place to spend some time alone. 
Down at the beach. There’s nothing like the sound of the ocean to calm my mind.

Favourite place to go to Hang with friends? 
I just recently got back from a trip to Thailand with Tai and two of our friends. Jess who is also on home and away with Tai and her partner Ben. I’m gonna have to say that was definitely my favourite place to go hang with friends.

Favourite place to go to for a swim? 
I love swimming in Gordon’s bay. Its so picturesque.

Favourite song of the moment: 
Brand New by Pharell Williams. That song always gets me hyper.

Favourite artist of the moment: 
Following that last question, I think Pharell is definitely my number one at the moment. His songs just make me ‘Happy’. See what I did there.. haha

Favourite song to sing:

Definitely ‘hit em up style’ by Blu Cantrell. Was my favourite performance on the Voice too.

What is your typical day like when you’re not working?
At the moment, I sleep in for as long as I can, which unfortunately for me is never past 11am.I like to spend as much time with my mum and little brother as I can. Sometimes Tai and I like to have them over for sleep overs and movie nights. We’re all very close. In the summer, I wake up early and spend my days at the beach.

Do you ever practice something in front of the mirror?
I usually practice most of my songs in front of the mirror, just like Ricky told me to.

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