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Meet Geordie Shore’s Chloe Etherington & Nathan Henry!

Nathan & Chloe - Geordie Shore

Nathan & Chloe - Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore Season 10 is set to return with two beautiful brand new housemates, Chloe Etherington and Nathan Henry.

The new explosive season will be hitting our screens from Wednesday April 8th at 7am, only on MTV, Foxtel Channel 124.

Chloe describes herself as a “wild, crazy light-weight, who is random, canny and down to earth.

The 19-year-old beauty revealed to us her history with Scott, some of the biggest arguments to date and leaving the house.

Nathan makes Geordie Shore history as the first bi-sexual housemate to enter the show and is looking forward to cleaning up the boys and the girls this season.

This season will also see Geordie Shore wave farewell to longtime alumni, James Tindale, and his famous comb over.

Last season saw Queen Vicky send shockwaves through the house as she announced her departure from the show.

The dynamics between Gaz and Charlotte has completely changed with both of them being in relationships.

Marnie is up to her old tricks again as she can’t pick between Aaron and Scott.

Kyle and Holly’s romance continued to blossom, as they agreed not to tash on with anyone else.

Check out our interview with the two new housemates below!

How would you describe this season in three words?

Nathan: “explosive, chaotic and entertaining”

Chloe: “Good experience, lots of arguments and amazing!”

How did the housemates react to you?

Nathan: “To be honest I thought it would be like previous series when new lads had walked in they as they always gave them a bit of hard time. They usually them do an initiation, got them drunk and pretty much almost embarrass the newbie. Whereas me I went in, Scott was really nice and tried to get me drunk and then the other lads came back and he basically took me under his wing, almost instantly became like the little brother. But they were really nice to us”

Chloe: “I had already watched the show and they can be funny with new girls, but it was different with me because I’m such a nice person and I would literally get on with anyone. They really accepted me and all the girls were nice to me when I first walked in. They were really welcoming and didn’t make me feel awkward at all.”

What is it like living in the Geordie Shore house?

Nathan: “It’s kind of like what you expect it to be like on television, but it’s so much more intense. The house isn’t really that big so the time you spend arguing gets magnified. When there has been fallout it gets hard to live there with people who aren’t talking.”

Chloe: “It’s much harder than what people think.”

Who did you get along with the most?

Nathan: “Chloe, Aaron and Gary”

Chloe: Nathan and Marnie

Who does the most pulling this season?

Nathan: “I would say me then Chloe and Aaron afterwards”.

Chloe: “I would agree.”

What’s going on between Charlotte and Gary this season?

Nathan: “Charlotte is with Mitch and Gaz is with his new girlfriend Lily. So this series Gary moves on and Charlotte is coming to terms with it.”

Chloe: “We get to meet Gary’s girlfriend. She was lovely!”

What’s it like being bisexual in the Geordie Shore house?

Nathan: “To be honest, I don’t find it hard or difficult. I have a lad group of mates that I hang out with outside the show so in terms of going out, the lads are single and are wanting to go pull birds. It’s kind of different because if I want to go pull a lad I don’t really have anyone to wingman me.”

You revealed that you left the house at some point during the show.

Chloe: “I had a massive argument with someone. I couldn’t be bothered with it as it was huge and probably one of the biggest arguments on Geordie Shore yet. It was an actual fight and I wanted to go home and I felt the only person that was there for us was Nathan.”

What is your history with Scott?

Chloe: “It wasn’t serious. We met a few times so it wasn’t an actual relationship. It was just a few times.”

Who causes the most drama this season?

Nathan: “Charlotte or maybe Chloe.”

Chloe: “Charlotte”

What arguments can we expect?

Nathan: “Literally everyone in the house has argued with everyone at some point. Especially this series, Charlotte is more argumentative.”

How did the house react to James leaving?

Nathan: “Before we got to the house James had actually left and we didn’t get to see the fallout of him leaving. Everyone did seem to be upset as he had been in it from the start and was a original.”

How would you rate the guys?

Nathan: “I would say out of the girls Marnie, but out of the guys I can’t choose between Aaron and Scott. But I am going to go with Scott”.

Chloe: “The hottest out of the boys is definitely Aaron and the hottest out of the girls is definitely Marnie”.

Any plans to come to Australia soon?

Nathan: “Absolutely, I would love to come to Australia!”

Chloe: I have never been and would love to come!”

Geordie Shore Season 10 premieres Wednesday 8th April @ 7am (LIVE Simulcast with the UK), with same night encore @ 8.30pm.

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