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Melissa Reeves Interview: MTV Ex On The Beach

We caught up with International DJ and ‘Ex On The Beach’ star Melissa Reeves!

We caught up with International DJ and ‘Ex On The Beach’ star !

Melissa is an international DJ with angelic good looks, so you might be surprised to learn she’s better known as ‘the ice queen’ because of her brutal honesty.

She is currently starring in MTV’s hit reality show ‘Ex on the Beach’ Series 2 setting to be more explosive than ever as it has been revealed that she dated Gaz from ‘Geordie Shore’!

We can’t wait to see the dynamic between the pair especially when Reality TV mogul  Crosby is set to emerge out of the sea ready to pull!

The Liverpool international DJ has 1 million likes on her Facebook fan page!

Viewers may also recognize a couple of very familiar faces that wash ashore.

We chatted to the international DJ and reality star about ‘Ex On The Beach’ below:

Could you explain the show ‘Ex On The Beach’ in a few words?

“I would definitely call it very dramatic, exciting and entertaining to watch”

What types of music do you like to play?

“I love playing electro/house, progressive and commercial house as well”

What can we expect from you in this show?

“I’m a very honest person so it comes across on the show as very brutally honest and people take it one way or the other. People think it’s a little mean and some people think its good that I’m honest so a few arguments is what you can expect.”

What advice would you give someone about getting over an ex?

“I can honestly say just try and meet someone new because if you can occupy yourself then it will help. There is nothing worst than sitting alone and stalking your ex on and Facebook.”

Have you ever stalked an ex online?

“Yes, I still stalk some of my exes online. It’s very embarrassing but true”.

How were the other girls towards you?

“The girls weren’t too bad towards me. There were a few girls that I didn’t get along with, one of them being Megan who came on the first episode. You will see how we regress and don’t really get along obviously because the guy I’m seeing on the show is her ex boyfriend [Connor] so that’s very awkward and we do have a lot awkward encounters”.

Who did you get along with the most?

“Me and Katie got along the most, she is literally the brunette version of me, so that’s what we call each other. I’m the blonde Barbie and she is the brunette Barbie.

Who do you think causes the most drama?

“I think Kayleigh causes the most drama because she is madly in love with her ex because he is very not a nice person towards her throughout the whole show. People think she is crazy.

How did you see when you first saw your ex?

“When my ex came out of the water I was very surprised and didn’t expect to see him. I hadn’t seen him in a few years. But it wasn’t bad because we were still on good terms.

What do you think about Gaz and ’s relationship?

“I think Gaz and ’s relationship is fairly very good. I think they got along very well on the show and they seem to be very close.”

What’s your number one healthy tip for surviving in the villa?

“Try and do as much exercise as you can because there is a lot of drinking going on!”

How would you rate your experience on the show?

“I would definitely give my experience 10/10. It was honestly the best experience of my life.”

Ex On The Beach airs Wednesdays at 8:30pm on MTV (Channel 124 Foxtel)! 

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