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Gaz Beadle Interview: MTV Ex On The Beach

Gaz Beadle

Gaz Beadle  

We caught up with ‘Geordie Shore’ and ‘Ex On The Beach’ star Gaz!

MTV’s hit reality show Ex on the Beach returns to our screens on Wednesday 28th January and the drama is set to be more explosive than ever.

This season witnesses a new breed of characters emerging from the sea, The Bunny Boiler, The One That Got Away, The Two-Timer… even The Ball Breaker.

Viewers may also recognize a couple of very familiar faces that wash ashore.

The Ex on the Beach villa won’t know what’s hit it when two of Geordie Shore’s most famous on-again, off-again exes, Gaz aka Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby, emerge out of the sea ready to pull!

Gaz Beadle

MTV’s top shagger Gaz will go into a house with former hook ups, exes, even one-night stands, and with bikini-clad fresh meat dangling themselves in front of him, he’ll surely find it a challenge to keep his parsnip in his pants!

We chatted to the reality TV mogul about the upcoming season of ‘Ex On The Beach’!

Explain the show in a few words?

“Awkward, scary and intimidating”

What can we expect to see from you in this show?

It’s a completely different series. I am so used to of just walking into the Geordie Shore, house you know what I mean and knowing everyone there. Seeing all the lads and all the girls. It’s awkward in a new house with new people. None of these guys have done this and I’m just like ‘Hey, You alright Im Gaz’. I was the newbie for once and I haven’t experienced that so it was weird but it was good and I enjoyed it”.

What can we expect from you and Charlotte together?

“It was a totally different to what you see on Geordie Shore. That was our comfort zone so whenever we walked back inside the house we got back into our comfort zone. It is different because we don’t have all our friends from the Geordie Shore house causing drama. It was good in a different way to be around people who weren’t in the house with us.”

Who had the most exes, you or Charlotte?

“Errh me!”

What advice can you give about getting over an ex?

“I’m going to be quite honest with you the only way you should deal with it is ending it some sort of good terms. It just makes it less awkward.”

Gaz Beadle

Did you get any advice from Ricci and Vicky?

“No, because I couldn’t speak to them before I did it. So it was hard because I couldn’t tell them when I was going there. After that compared and she was like ‘omg did you not feel awkward’. It would have been nice to get their advice but I couldn’t talk to them till after”.

How were the other single guys towards you?

“I think they were a bit shocked. Like obviously me only being there for a week and with it being a new cast there were more lads and girls who were comfortable. So when I walked in some of them were like ‘What the hell Gaz’. Like they have watched ‘Geordie Shore’ and stuff so they were like ‘WHAT!’. But yeah I got on with the boys straight away as they are all just lad lads but nothing but the ‘Geordie Shore’ bunch! But yeah there were no real big problems I got on with them really well.”

How did you feel when you saw your ex’s?

“I have ended on quite good terms anyways and I was more scared of walking in with everyone. Obviously Charlotte came in as my ex and there were jealous and crazy exes. So when Charlotte came in I was relieved as it could have been a lot worst!”

How would you rate this experience?

“I have learnt a lot. Geordie Shore is based on more night outs and this is more contained in the villa and a lot about relationships and feelings and going on dates.”

How do you think fans will react?

“I think they will see a totally different side of us instead of going out and getting smashed, its more going on dates and stuff like that.”

What is your most awkward break up?

“I have only really had like three proper girlfriends and I’ve actually finished on quite good terms with all of them so I have never really had a ‘awkward’ break up yet.”

Who is your dream celebrity date?

“Jessica Alba”

Do you ever stalk your exes?

“No, I mean sometimes on Instagram you flick through their photos but never go full on and look at all their profiles.”

Is it ever a good idea to get back with an ex?       

“It depends on what happened before. If you finished on bad reasons or cheating or something like that then obviously no. If it was long distance relationships or something like that then yeah you can, but that’s only on special reasons. I normally wouldn’t advice to”.

What sort of girls were you hoping to meet during ‘Ex On The Beach’?

“Just like the same as the Geordie Shore girls, fun and outgoing and there for the experience and to enjoy themselves!”

When are you coming back to Australia!

“Mate, I honestly can’t wait to come back I really love it. I literally jump like ‘When am I going back’ and ‘When am I coming back’. I think when ‘Ex On The Beach’ finishes which will be the end of March then we will be filming in April so May maybe!”

Ex On The Beach Premieres Wednesday 28th January at 8:30pm on MTV (Channel 124 Foxtel)!

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