Steve Bean dead

Steve Bean has died aged 58.

The ‘Ray Donovan’ actor passed away on January 21 following a long battle with cancer after he was diagnosed with Sino-Nasal Squamous Cell Carcinoma, which is also known as nose cancer, in 2016, which resulted in him losing his nose, according to Variety.

Steve penned an article for Mel magazine five months ago in which he told how doctors had given him "nine to 12 months to live".

He wrote: "All of that physical stuff ain’t ever coming back. Luckily, my sense of humor came back about a month ago.

"Not a moment too soon either: The latest scans show yet another recurrence of the cancer. The doctors tell me I have nine to twelve months to live."

In the piece, he described first noticing something was wrong when he started experiencing "chronic nosebleeds".

He wrote: "I began to experience chronic nosebleeds. Before long, I didn’t own a single T-shirt or pillowcase that wasn’t blood-stained.

"The nosebleeds were accompanied by severe congestion; by the end of each day, my sinuses would plug up completely, leaving me unable to breathe through my nose at all."

During his career, the comic formed a duo with fellow comedian Chris Zito, known as Zito and Bean, where they performed on the Boston comedy scene and had their own show at popular club Play It Again Sam’s.

Steve also starred in shows such as ‘Murder She Wrote’, ‘Quantum Leap’ and the US version of ‘Shameless’, as well as 1997 movie ‘Mousehunt’.

He is survived by his wife Caroline Carrigan and son Jacob Randall Levy.

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