Jodie Marsh selling FHM belt outfit

Jodie Marsh is selling her famous FHM belt outfit.

The 40-year-old star caused a stir when she walked the red carpet at the men’s magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women Party back in 2004 nearly naked with just two crystal belts covering her breasts and a studded black belt acting as a just-there ‘skirt’ and she has now listed the garments on Depop for one lucky buyer to get their hands on.

Posting a throwback photo of herself in the outfit on her Instagram account, she wrote: "Just put this famous outfit on Depop for sale three belts and a chance to own an iconic outfit. Still having a mass clear out at home and literally getting rid of EVERYTHING I don’t need. New start, new me, new life!!!!!! Hope someone buys it and it goes to a happy home loads more to go on still too!! (sic)"

Jodie has also listed her famous camouflage belt outfit on the selling website describing the look "ultimate piece of fan memorabilia" and she has offered to hand over those clothes to the eventually buyer.

In the description for the outfit on the website, Jodie emphasised that she wants her precious outfit to go to a "good home and to someone who will cherish them" and reminded her fans that the belts have "made all the front pages".

Alongside a collection of photos of the former glamour model wearing the belt outfit, she wrote: "The ULTIMATE Jodie Marsh outfit. The famous and iconic army belts and skirt!! These are the original army belts and skirt which made all the front pages!!!!!!

"These belts are the number one most coveted item of Jodie’s. If you’re a fan then there is no better purchase than this.

"Collection from Brentwood can be arranged (along with Jodie handing the belts over herself for a meet and greet) or these can be sent by courier or tracked and signed for.

"The famous belts have been worn by Jodie multiple times, as an outfit to a nightclub, for a photo shoot for various different newspapers and also again at home. Jodie wants these to go to a good home and to someone who will cherish them.

"The ultimate piece of fan memorabilia!!!!!!! Comes with a load of signed photos of Jodie plus a photo of her wearing these belts (also signed). No returns!!!!!! (sic)"

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