Eli Roth to return to horror directing

Eli Roth is set to return to horror directing.

The 46-year-old director is most closely associated with the genre after rising to fame with the 2002 horror-comedy ‘Cabin Fever’ and the 2005 gore fest ‘Hostel’, however, the filmmaker recently added some variety to his filmography with his 2018 remake of the action-revenge movie ‘Death Wish’ and family friendly fantasy flick ‘The House with a Clock in Its Walls’.

Despite his break from the genre, Eli is reportedly working on an untitled horror project for Miramax with his friend and ‘Cabin Fever’ co-writer Jeff Rendell and Principle photography on the project will begin in Massachusetts next month.

On Instagram, Production Weekly wrote: "Updated production schedule for Eli Roth’s upcoming horror project, Roth directs from a script he wrote with Jeff Rendell (Cabin Fever). Principle photography in Massachusetts begins later next month."

Jeff helped pen and starred in Eli’s fake trailer titled ‘Thanksgiving’ for the 2007 slasher flick ‘Grindhouse’ which saw Jeff as a killer who stalks victims while dressed as a pilgrim and Jordan Ladd, Jay Hernandez and Eli himself as his intended victims, leading to speculation that the upcoming project could be a feature-length expansion of the trailer.

The ‘Inglorious Bastards’ director noted during an AMA session over on Reddit in 2016 that he is planning on creating ‘Thanksgiving’ the movie, however, wanted to put "more work" into the script so it lives up to high expectations following the false trailer.

She wrote: "Have a draft not totally happy with. I want to put some more work into it so the film lives up to the trailer. We have the story and mythology cracked so now it’s about getting the kills right."

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