Tiffany Young says Blake Lively inspired her to wear suits

Tiffany Young says Blake Lively’s style in ‘A Simple Favor’ inspired her to wear suits "all the time".

The 29-year-old singer wants to make her look "stronger", and after watching Blake in the 2018 movie, Tiffany feels inspired to power-dress in "bold" suits.

Tiffany – who was previously a member of girl group Girls’ Generation – said: "Moving back to LA has definitely made me a lot more experimental and open with my style, and more importantly, made me want to embrace being a woman.

"[As part of Girls’ Generation,] I was with a beautiful group of girls who are a lot taller than I am, so I never wore long dresses or pants. Now, I’m definitely gravitating toward suits and long, flowy gowns. It’s made me want to dress bolder and stronger. I loved watching ‘A Simple Favor’ with Blake Lively; it made me want to wear a suit all the time!"

The ‘Lips on Lips’ hitmaker also confessed that after having a facial "religiously", she picked up a few tips to try at home so she could achieve her signature glow.

She explained to the New York Post newspaper: "I went to the skincare [clinics] religiously when I was there – like, every seven to 10 days. But going so often, I picked up on the routine: steamer, exfoliation, peel, mask.

"There are so many options in K-beauty, whether you want something soothing, hydrating or brightening, but it’s really about understanding and studying your skin and what it needs.

"I do a weekly exfoliation and mask, and I recently got this tool that I love – my friend recommended it to me – called the Exfora, from Vanity Planet. It’s a great replacement for a spa visit."

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