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Everything you need to know about male model River Viiperi

Meet male model River Viiperi

Meet male model River Viiperi

This week we’re treating you to the super fine River Viiperi (Currently represented by Soul Artist Management).

26-year-old Spanish male model River Viiperi has made quite the name for himself after starring in mega campaigns including Calvin Klein, Amarni Exchange, Bershka and Versace for H&M.

Check out his stats below, plus an exclusive Hollywood Treatment Q&A – Here’s hoping we see River down under hitting our catwalks soon!

Height: 6’2
Waist: 32
Shoe: 10
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up between Finland and Spain even tho there has always been a fair amount of traveling in my life due to my family 😀

2. Was it very fashionable?

I guess at the time I kept changing my style depending on what was “Cool” at the moment but I’ve never really focused too much on being fashionable haha

3. Did you grow up reading magazines?

Well… If you call reading looking at the pics of hot girls, YES! definitely haha 😛

4. How were you discovered?

My mom used to Model and as a kid Me and my sister would do some modeling, baby modeling. So when I turned 18 she told me I should give it a try and here we are… 6 yrs later 😉

5. What has been your dream campaign?

For me there is no such thing as a dream campaing, I enjoy the people, the team, all the work that goes on behind the scenes, the actuall work that makes my job easy. So every campaign, every editorial, catwalk, etc is different and I respect and apreciate them all equally. Some people have more budget so it’s usually cooler but those who don’t, hey! They’re also working hard and inside their limits to put out their best.

6. Whose runway have you always wanted to walk?

I think I’ve walked all the shows I’ve ever wanted. Calvin Klein was my first Show back in 2010 and after then i’ve walked for so many and one of them is Dsquared. LOVE DSQUARED.

7. What is your favorite city?

Dubai, I’ve only been there once but I loved it! NYC is also cool but I live here so I’m used to it. Can’t wait to come to Australia and Visit New Zeland while in that side of the world.

8. What is your favorite food?

I’m not picky with food. I like it all… There are people starving and dying because they have no food. So if there is food on my plate it’s my favorite food no matter what it is 😛

9. Tell us about your first shoot?

Well, what can I say… It’s hard to pick a 1st shoot as I modeled as a baby haha but it’s always exciting. I like to have fun, I like people to have fun with me so when I shoot I like to make ppl feel comfortable, I’ll make jokes, be cheesy and just let everyone see that it’s ok to relax and have fun as long as the job get’s done.

10. How do you prepare to walk?

I dance, I take pics, I make sure my outfit is on point I like to give the casting directors a hard time even if they know I’m just joking around they always get so stressed but when it’s time to walk. I do the “Zoolander, Blue Steel” and do my job. Even if ppl think I don’t I do know when it’s time for play and when not haha

11. Favorite social media site:

I love them all the ones I use the most are Instagram @RiverViiperi for those who want to follow and Snap Chat also RiverViiperi for those interested 😛

12. Coolest photographer you have worked with:

As I said, I don’t pick faves, they all have their style, they all work differently so my faves are the ones that enjoy working with me ^^

13. Who is your biggest supporter?

My family, friends from back home and I have to say I got some pretty awesome fans that have supported me since I first came to NY. Love them!

14. Your favourite place to go shopping?

I don’t like to go shopping, if I have to I go to H&M, Top Man and places like that. Usually I get tons of clothes from brand, etc so shopping isn’t really necesary.

15. What’s your idea of fun?

REAL PEOPLE, something VERY hard to find these days aparently. People that don’t care about what others think and are themselves. With the right people no matter what or where u’ll have fun.

16. Destination you would love to visit

Australia and NZ

17. Currently you’re obsessed with/about:

For the first time in my life. Currently I’m obsessed with my self… And NO! Not in that way! Haha but obsessed with gym and work just really focused in my Goals. I always tend to focus on helping other so know it’s time to help me help my self.

18. What’s your diet like?

Right now I try to eat clean and healthy, we all do have our cheat days tho 😛

19. Which physical feature you are most proud of?

We’re born the way we’re born and we all have to learn to live with that. All of it. So I’m learning to be proud of ME as a whole.

20. What do you think is the number one thing keeping you motivated?

Proving my self that I can accomplish ANYTHING I want.

River Viiperi

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