A Michael Bay Movie Starring Ryan Reynolds Is Headed To Netflix

And we are once again baffled by Netflix’s content strategy.

Once again, Netflix has proved it’s operating under a “more is more” philosophy.

Per Variety, Netflix has signed on to co-finance and exclusively distribute the film Six Underground. The action movie will be helmed by Michael Bay *insert eye roll here*. The spec comes from the writers of Deadpool (Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese) and will star none other than Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. Not only will Six Underground be the first time Reynolds and Bay work together, it will also be the first Netflix collaboration for both the Deadpool actor and the Transformers director.

So what can you expect from this heart-pounding, testosterone-pumping Netflix feature? Well, the plot hasn’t exactly been revealed yet, but you can likely anticipate snark galore from the team of Deadpool alums.

We do, at least, know the budget. Netflix has given Bay and friends a cool $125 million to turn Six Underground into a reality, making it the most expensive feature production for the streaming service to date, according to Variety. The streaming giant even outbid Paramount, which has long been home to Bay’s flicks. 

You can expect the $125 million action flick to hit your dusty computer screen sometime in 2019.

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