Interview: Apollo Jackson drops new single ‘With You’, chats to Hollywood Treatment!

TV hunk talks new single, video clip, gym routine + more

Former reality TV hunk Apollo Jackson has finally dropped the highly anticipated single ‘With You’ alongside with the beautifully shot music video.

Only hours after the release, Apollo’s single has “With You” quickly climbed to Number #6 on the Dance Charts and #24 on the iTunes chart.

And earlier this week, we caught up with the star!

How are fans reacting to your new single?

“It’s been amazing. I mean we debuted at 6 on the dance charts, which is crazy and then 24 on the main charts. We’ve had amazing support so far which is really good, because, I was quite nervous about putting out a song that I’ve written and sharing with everyone. I didn’t know how it was going to be received and so far we’ve had an overwhelming response.”

Can you tell us a little about the idea behind your new song “With You”?

“I was feeling inspired after coming come back from a date and was sitting down on the coch with my mum and had this idea for a song. I was like just it’s great to have someone, a partner, that could just you just go with that knows where you’ve been and that story just equated into this song. I was vibing of it.”

What can we expect on the rest of your album?

“There’s a lot of music there, we’ve been writing for a long time. There’s all different songs about all different things. Everything’s in that pop/dance cross over. But there’s few different songs in the mix.”

Fast cars, luxury boats and hot girls in your new video clip. What was it like filming the music video?

“That was it was absolutely insane. We had so many setbacks in that and it was just amazing that everyone came together to make it happen. So, that’s the busiest week of my life that week and Mum was organizing extras, organizing make-up artist. We had, friends pulling strings to every direction to get things together. My friend’s film company SRB Productions conceptualized the whole thing just did such an amazing job as well. So, it was really exciting at. It was also nerve wrecking too. I wasn’t too sure how everything was going to turn out. But, they did such an amazing job.”

You’ve been popping up all over the TV randomly. Even now the face of Tim Tam’s – what’s that like?

“I love Tim Tams.  It was so funny. I got the email and I thought this is going to be one of my friends playing a joke on me because I legit love Tim Tams. I called straightaway and realized it wasn’t a joke and I was just so excited, and it was just such an amazing role. I’ve just been having so much fun with it. Tim Tams are such like an iconic Australian brand and it was beautiful.”

Gossip websites saying you’d make a fairly good Disney Prince?

“How funny is that, my mum actually tagged me into that. I’m a big Disney buff too, so I wouldn’t say no if they asked me to play a Disney prince.”

How’s your tour coming along?

“Last night was a lot of fun, we had a massive turn out. Heaps of support. It was crazy. At the end of my set, I played With You for the first time. I was super nervous playing it to an audience for the first time not knowing how they were going to react but they were dancing.”

How are you keeping fit while on tour?

“Trying to squeeze in exercise wherever I can. Sometimes, I find myself working out in my hotel room because I may have about 30 minutes between meetings and a flight or something and i’ll set up a hotel room workout. Doing push ups, burpees, it’s just about doing whatever you can. Hotels may even have gyms.”

What Netflix shows are you addicted to at the moment?

“Obsessed with Altered Carbon – after the crazy promo, which was such a good marketing idea. I was hooked on it after that. So excited about the next season of Rick and Morty too – they just signed seventy episodes. I’m a mad Rick & Morty fan, I was itching for that!”

Apollo is also set to star in upcoming Action/Adventure film “Garrison 7: The Fallen” alongside “Charmed” star Brian Krause which is scheduled for release in Australia on November 11, 2019.

Catch Apollo playing DJ sets around the country and Purchase ‘With You’ now!

June 9th Ministry of Sound Club, Sydney

June 10th Dog & Duck, Adelaide

June 22nd Discovery, Darwin

*More dates to be added

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