Liam Payne likes to surprise his fans

‘Familiar’ hitmaker Liam Payne has admitted he loves to surprise his fans, and he even stopped for photos with a group while he was driving to Nickelodeon’s inaugural ‘SlimeFest’.

Liam Payne @ SLIMEFEST 2018

Liam Payne stopped to take photos with fans on his way to Nickelodeon’s ‘SlimeFest’.

The ‘Familiar’ hitmaker admitted he likes to make time for the people who support him, and he made time to hop out of his car and meet them on his way to the inaugural event in Chicago, Illinois.

Opening up to Billboard magazine, he said: “I was in my car today coming in and there were all these little girls in tutus, and I don’t even know if these people know who I am, but I got my driver to go out and say, ‘Do you like Liam Payne and if you do, do you want a picture?’

“And we just jumped out into this crowd, and we got away with it pretty well. I do like to stop as much as I can, and see if I can put some smiles on faces.”

Liam Payne @ Slimefest 2018

The One Direction singer – who, along with band mates Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, is on hiatus from the boy band – admitted it was easy for him to sign up for Nickelodeon’s festival because his group also had a younger fan base.

He explained: “My One Direction days were very much a younger show.

“Obviously there was always a little bit of over the top humor that people may not have understood until they were a little older, but our show was a young show so I’m more than used to playing to kids.”

Liam Payne @ Slimefest 2018

His comments about his time with 1D – who were formed by Simon Cowell on ‘The X Factor’ in 2010, and went on an indefinite break five years later – come after he gave fans home for a reunion.

He recently teased: “It suddenly struck me that actually what we’re doing right now is going to make this bigger, because we can do five concerts in one concert at a time… it’s going to be the most amazing thing ever!

‘So I think everyone who’s not enjoying the One Direction break at the moment, just know that this is like a super important time for us to be able to give you the best show ever. This is like the warm up stage – that’s what it feels like to me anyway.”

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